Undoubtedly, socks can give you a versatile look effortlessly & instantly.

Instead of the pleasing consensus of loafers without socks, and pairing socks with loafers can also outstandingly add dimensions to your looks. Mens fashion accessories are all about paying attention to every detail & fashion. Also, it is more than just buying & wearing.

At Remo Tulliani, we’ll break down something really important style basics in order to how to wear socks in different ways.

The famous & highly reputed brand for mens designer accessories, Remo Tulliani will become the indispensable part of your vocab, after reading this, you’ll achieve perfect look with this style guide. When we talk about loafers, pairing socks with that can remarkably add dimensions to overall looks, delivering a layered proportion, plus a subtle introduction of colors. If you wear socks with loafers, it may be a bit of tricky to pull off that is why we’ve compiled some aesthetics whereas socks with layers will definitely upgrade the looks & give the impression of dashing without overly done.

1.Neutral Contrasts

Just don’t think too much to experiment with different colors of socks as it will provide a central point as well as add up more attention to neutral looks.

The exclusive collection socks for men by Remo Tulliani, DAKOTA: TEAL with royal blue color will effectively well with any pair of shoes. Alternatively, you can go for beige loafers with the bright pair socks to pull looks collectively in a more obvious way.

2.Traditionalist Weekender

For weekend looks, experiment with rich-colored socks with suede loafers, which boast traditionalist dimensions. Introducing thicker socks – PIMA BROWN by Remo Tulliani can create a sartorial story featuring practical warmth, dashing looks as well. However, this traditionalist weekender looks only works incredibly well with conservative pants & colors. Earlier, the socks were not just accessories, but they were highly popularized.

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3.Partially Corporate Look

The socks with any pair of footwear will provide the unexpected elements in order to get more corporate looks, bestowing a viable accompaniment to work or formal wear that will prove stylish & cozy looks.

Opt for the socks that are employed for partially corporate looks, ensuring that they are professional & somewhat traditional.

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4.Casual Notation

This pair of socks by Remo Tulliani’s collection – ANOKI: CHARCOAL/TEAL is perfect for a casual look. The footwear like loafers & socks with the casual wear is a perfect, plus an interesting take on day wear.

Wear denim with this type of socks will provide simple yet visually effective looks. It will complement the casual looks pleasantly.

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5.Eclectic Combinations

Upgrade your style with an unexpected introduction of socks with every kind of footwear along with a mindfulness in order to accompany the fashion accessories. Hats, sunglasses, scarves with subtle colored socks, or you can wear something more vivid, for instance, bright patterns to play off with more statement pieces. Alleviate your looks with pocket squares for a personal touch

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6.Formalist Allusion

There’s no room for doubt in that socks with loafers can add creativity to your looks, which is not boring or one-toned. The style tip is that to harness socks with the loafers in a formal sense. You should not be afraid of brightly colored socks that will work seamlessly with the dark suit.

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