The accessory is an art like music. Great clothing plays a pivotal role, whether you are going for a formal or casual meet. What more could you want? So, here’s your guide for a perfect wear!

This is not a strict fashion guide as what to wear. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for you:

1.Hot Sunglasses

The eyewear collection must be a classy choice for dress up perfectly. The event is a perfect venue to experiment with color.

Pair SMOOTH: DARK SKY/PEACH shade with a tee & denim. The eyewear is handcrafted in Italy. Available at online store by REMO TULLIANI.


Cost: $165.00

There are a bunch of diverse styles that you can pair with the fashion accessories by Remo Tulliani – high-fashion product line.

2.Statement Belts

Remo Tulliani’s exclusive belt collection here. It is perfect for every event. Add to contemporary detailing & style, and you have constructed extraordinary accessories.

Shop EDWARD:BLACK with Italian Calfskin leather. Made in the USA. Brushed buckle finish.


Cost: $85.00

3.Comfy Socks

Obviously, you can never walk comfortably without socks. The exclusive socks collection identifies with how you move with a comfort so profound. With ANOKI: BLACK/PURPLE, you’re not walking, but you’re dancing.


Made in the USA. Cost: $18