The belt is a pivotal part of both the most semi-formal or formal dress codes. Plus, it is a key fashion accessory for man’s style. Nowadays, belts come from a diverse range of patterns, designs & styles. Whether you have to wear a belt for work or simply look good, we think that – personal style should not be underestimated.

If you are currently not using the best loops on your pants, then it is time to consider your stance on mens leather belts again. Why should you wear the belt & leave your saggy denim past behind? Take a look at some pivotal tips from the high-end brand – Remo Tulliani in order to how to wear it properly & complete your outfit:

Tucked & Belted

There’s definitely one of the strangest things that the belt is an essential fashion accessory that is available in order to hold their pants up. Also, it provides the best fit. However, some people strongly oppose it. They usually think that it is a cause of uncool thing or maybe even worst. And, they usually go for a saggy pant look.

Most of the guys do not wear belts due to the fact that – they think that belts don’t match their style. The second reason is, belts make their outfits looks nerdy.


  • If you think that the belt would not go well with your style, then you must have to think again. Belts do not always come with the classic buckled leather varieties. There is a wide range of best designer belts for men, and they come with different styles & patterns. Whether you go with casual or formal wear, your favorite high-end brand Remo Tulliani has an exclusive collection of leather belts that fit well with your style & personality.

  • Don’t follow those who wear extremely high-wasted belts who have questionable fashion choices that sometimes turn you off from wearing the belts yourself. How they wear belts can’t explain the things how you can wear it effortlessly.

  • Adjust the belt where your belt will hold up your denim, but please make sure that the belts are not too high or low.

  • There is a benefit of wearing the belt, here is a bonus point is that – it would hold your denim, undoubtedly in the right place in order to flaunt muscular butt that you have created. Biceps are not the only muscle groups, which can accentuate your overall look.

    At Remo Tulliani, there’s an extensive list of belts that you can wear for different occasions.


    Italian calfskin leather. The LUKE: BLACK is a versatile & can be worn for both casual or formal events. Made in USA. Two tone gunmetal & brushed finish with matching metal loop.



Italian leather. The belt embraces vertical line design. Italian buckle in the brushed gunmetal finish.



Italian calfskin lizard print leather. The Italian buckle set in polished nickel finish with matching metal loops & tip.



Italian bull leather. It has Perforated edges with a touch of color. Antique buckle finish. Made in Italy.



Italian calfskin leather. Nubuck liner. Feather edge dress strap. Brushed buckle finish. Made in USA.


We hope that you have changed the way how you think about the belts. Bear in mind that, no matter what belt style you go, don’t forget it’s main purpose.