Whether you go sockless or without sockless – no matter what your preferences are, in this blog, we’ve got you covered with this guide – things to know about styling your socks or rocking the sockless look.

For anyone who lives in the part of the world where the temperature rises up, having good quality socks is a necessity for staying cool. Those days are gone when you have got to layer you up with jackets, denim or a pair of boots. Summer is all about to play with the bright colors, patterns & kinds of footwears.

In summer, you must have a lot of options in footwear such as loafers, boat shoes, etc. If you really want to mix things a bit, socks for men with argyle pattern can wear with any footwear. You can also pair it with converse. Once you open your mind in order to break the rules a bit, then the outfit options are absolutely infinite.

How To Match Socks With The Outfit

For a few people, the demand of styling a pair of socks can be just as daunting as going without wearing socks. With so many patterns, designs, lengths & colors to choose from, then it can be hard enough to know what can you wear with this in order to accentuate your overall look.


Fortunately, the rules were made to be broken. Those days are also gone where a sock that matches your trousers was the last option.

The Guidelines

  • White Colored socks hardly look good, unless you are going to wear to achieve the sporty look. So, you can leave them in your drawer.

  • In order to wear patterned socks while pairing with the finest suit, then the combination is a pretty bold statement. It also gives you confidence.

  • In case, if you are not very sure about styling your socks for men, then you can stick to something with plain or a classic pattern like argyle.


  • Make sure that your socks compliments each other & have no visible holes. And, it sounds obvious.

  • Eventually, the matching a pair of socks is a must-have addition.

The Socks


In men’s fashion accessories, socks are a key to get complete the look, especially for men. If you are going for a more refined look, then stick with – pindot pattern socks by Remo Tulliani. Three colors are available in this pattern i.e. Navy, Black & Teal.


Solid Heather

Again, if you really want to match your trouser & socks matching, then the solid heather pattern could work amazingly well to enhance your look well. It can add a cheeky hint of color. The versatility of these socks gives a definitive look to you. Two colors i.e., Charcoal & Puma Brown are available.


Length of Socks

When it comes to length of the socks, it is something, which needs to be considered whenever you are putting together your attire for any event. Both i.e. Ped & Liner are best worn with trainers. It also provides pretty casual look along with a glimpse of color at the ankle.

On the other hand, mid-calf & over the calf length socks can both be worn by under denim or formal pants for both casual & formal events.

Socks Go Well With Pants, Shorts & Shoes.

The majority of people often asks questions like these. It all depends on one’s taste. It would be great that take a case by case as when you want to match the socks on what attire or occasion.


Socks & Shorts

The combination of socks & shorts is more like either you absolute love it or hate it completely. It is not considered to think as taboo as pairing socks & sandals. If you want to try a different look apart from regular one, pair mid-calf length socks are the way to go.

For a casual look, you can wear with trainers & loose with fitting shorts, then you will be ready to hit the pub. In case, if you are heading somewhere as you think to look smarter, then customized shorts & brogues can go well.

A Quick Summary: Things To Know About Styling Your Socks

  • Bear in mind, if you wear socks, make sure that they match with your attire, clean & do not have any visible holes.

  • Opt for the right socks for the right event. If you are going to style a suite & socks, then go for a bold pattern as it usually works well.

  • Check the occasion & dress up accordingly.

Therefore, it is time to embrace socks again & again!