Engaging the sunglasses war is the iconic Remo Tulliani – high-priced brand in history. It is hard to imagine who has not put on a pair of their widely-famous frames at least once. In spite of a long history of the brand, Remo Tulliani is one of the leading brands for sunglasses for men.

Just think about it! If you have ever been jealous of effortless style of celebrities & Hollywood stars, and your answer is “yes” then chances are you have already been familiarized with the iconic collection of Remo Tullaini’s sunglasses. No Hollywood lead actor is seen without the pair of sunglasses. Well, Remo Tulliani blends tradition & modern day dressing – this is a brand which can elevate any casual outfit with the easiest of efforts.

How exactly can you achieve that dashing style then? Read our blog, acknowledging how to opt for the most popular shape, frame & tint of sunglasses in mens fashion accessories. Learn how to seamlessly merge them into your wardrobe for years to come.

Our Top Rated Collection of Sunglasses

What does make us different from any other luxury sunglasses brand? It is our bespoke design as well as movement with cutting-edge technology. The best collection of sunglasses is photochromic so that they get darker with exposure to light. The lenses are ideal for you if your eyes are light sensitive.


The lightweight sunglasses do not merely look fashionable, but they also help to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. All sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy.

Remo Tulliani Styles

The brand boasts an impressive collection of mens designer accessories of modern & eclectic modern frame designs that you have managed to refine so far. While investing a new pair of shades, then it is worth trying them before you buy.

Since every time, every style does not suit your face shape. However, one of the classier ones such as Aviators & Wayfarers must compliment almost everyone. You’ll get diverse styles such as Aviators, Round, Wayfarer, etc.

From lens color to material & frame of design, each shade is fully customizable. For stylers, you can go with AMBITION: SKY/CORAL frame. It is also worth considering this kind of style of lenses for an easy on-the-go use.


Remo Tullaini’s aviator style encompasses everything that you’re looking for in sunglasses for men. Undoubtedly, the Aviator is iconic & classic.

For those who are looking for magnified sunglass frames, then we highly recommend you Aviator that is an ideal choice, regardless of whether you are up in the skies or covering your eyes from direct sunlight.

Check out REMO TULLIANI’s Aviators:





How To Maintain Lenses

Since the premium price tag associated with the brand. It would be great if you can take care of lenses. So that you can enjoy your shades for years to come.

Always carry your sunglasses case whenever you venture out. The cleaning cloth protects the frames. It should always be used on the sunglasses lens in order to avoid scratches.

On That Note

Buying a pair of Remo Tulliani’s sunglasses for men is an investment piece for sure. The accessory is something that will elevate your outfits all year around.

In simple terms, opt for the aviator style shades to kick-start your collection. Experiment with diverse frame finishes in order to wear on different occasions.