The accessories should never be an afterthought. The primary purpose of wearing fashion accessories to keep you decent & upgrade your looks instantly. Men’s fashion accessories come in different styles & varieties. But there are three must accessories that your overall look could not complete without them. It includes Sunglasses, Belts & Socks. In this PDF, we’re going to tell you a complete style guide about styling your socks, belts & shades that will upgrade your look instantly:


#1 Socks

Are you fairly comfortable in pairing your socks & trousers? If you’re not very sure about what to do with your socks as whether they should be the same color as your trouser legs or shoes.

There are several options in pairing your socks. But, there is a big no as do not match the color of your socks with your shoes. If you do so, then you’ll be look like that you are wearing Uggs.

There is the only exception is that – if you are doing top-to-toe monochrome. Here is an exception to the socks-and-shoes rule. However, there is not at all bad in that if the slightest shift in the shade between ankle & foot. It is better than to match your socks & trousers. Specifically, if you do struggle to reach into high cupboards.

There’s an unbroken line from waist to shoe lengthens your legs, in order to make up those extra inches, which genetics withheld.

It is best to match your socks for men with neither. Rather than, you can introduce a breakwater between leather & fabric, which accentuate another shade higher up.

Pull top & bottom together with blue grey-and-navy pindot socks by Remo Tulliani.

Check out: DAKOTA: Navy



#2 Belts

When we talk about mens leather belts, then it comes with the rules for wearing belts like a pro. It is something to embrace the power of the belt as the way to finish your look. We’re going to break down some rules here, have a look:

A perfect belt can fix off-kilter proportions, plus it can add life to monochrome attires. It can also make you feel like a cowboy. Undoubtedly, it keeps your trousers up.

Should you match your accessories to your complete attire? Use contrast colors instead to give depth to your outfit.

In the formal occasion, match black belt – LUKE: Black by Remo Tulliani with black tie. There is a slim black version that will effortlessly pull together an overall black formal look.


Wear GABRIELE: BROWN belt that is made by Italian bull leather. This is for just as rugged workwear.


If you care about your outfit experimentation, use your belt to dip a toe. In spite of black or brown colored belts, try ENZO:RED belt with Italian Calfskin leather by Remo Tulliani , it can elevate your look or uplift off-duty monochrome.

Key Brand: Remo Tulliani


The original thick-framed sunglasses Wayfarers, you should be only bought from one brand – Remo Tulliani The wayfarers come in two different sizes, i.e., regular and oversized. Therefore, it is wise to try before you buy to secure the perfect outfit.

Remo Tulliani has an admirable collection of sunglasses – Wayfarers style. It includes an impressive array of reflective lenses, which bestow timeless silhouette a contemporary twist.


Key Brand: Remo Tulliani

Final Word

Keeping this in mind, it should be a bit easier in order to filter through several options available on the marketplace & find out men’s designer accessories that really uplift your look.