As contemporary as they are functional, a pair of sunglasses has potential in order to amplify the look, bestowing an effortlessly cool compliment to the clothing. Just pair with a casual pair of denim & white T-shirt or well-tailored blazer.

A great pair of sunglasses for men never goes unnoticed. That being said that it can be difficult to opt for pairs that are both complimentary & current to one’s features. From streets to runways we have compiled the list of the best eyewear shapes, colors & aesthetics for a stylish man in 2016. This blog has got you & your eyes stylishly covered, have a look:


One of the styles of sunglasses that are developed by Remo Tulliani. The original design is marked as Remo Tulliani Aviators, although other manufacturers also deliver the aviator style shades. Most probably, it is one of the most identifiable shapes of eyewear is – aviator.

Featured heavily in Remo Tulliani’s 2016 eyewear collection, and the trend is unlikely to die. It comes with thin metal arms & the shades complement oval & squarish face shapes.

You can pair with a leather biker jacket or simple T-shirt & denim combo, however, the aviator is one of the best choices in order to get a polished look effortlessly.

Switch things up with a diverse range of colors like gunmetal black & dark sky/peach aviators.


Modern fresh & very edgy sunglasses by REMO TULLIANI.

You can pair Spite sunglasses with casual or formal wear. Also, they are one of the perfect mens fashion accessories to crisp blacks & whites. They will work remarkably well with the graphic prints. The spite is lightweight & hypoallergenic. It comes with hydrophilic nose pads & stainless hinges. Made in Italy.



This style of sunglasses is a major craze today. SPITE: GUNMETAL/Black provides you modern look with a pinch of eccentricity & versatile enough to complement the look. In order to accentuate your overall look, look no further than Spite: Gunmetal/Black.

  • Frame Finish: Gunmetal
  • Lens Color: Amber Solid
  • Temple Arm Color: Black



The smooth shades style is the modern way to look awesome effortlessly. The sunglasses can be incorporated alluring in a range of casual looks. We highly recommend you to shop for this pair of shades.

It is handcrafted in Italy.
The style is lightweight & hypoallergenic with stainless steel hinges.
It also offers a twist on the classic aviator style whilst maintaining shatter resistant strength.


Probably, it is one of the most beloved style shades i.e. Ambition: Dark Sky/Lemonade. Amazingly suited to casual wear & tailored blazers. Shop for one of the best-suited eyewear.

Handcrafted in Italy. It has a high strength rating.
Lens Color: 1973 Yellow Gradient Fade
Outside Frame Color: Dark Sky
Inside Frame Color: Lemonade

Bottom Line

We can’t stress this enough – eyewear is an essential add-on. It is a timeless trend in the world of fashion. You can also say that it becomes a signature piece. Plus, it is a pivotal accessory that everyone should have, whether you are in fashion or not. There are plenty of styles that you can choose from, visit