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The dictionary defines the term belt as “a strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist….” & so on. We wear belts to hold the lowers, including pant, denim, etc. This is best recognized as holding up your trousers. Surely. However, belt embraces something more instead of holding the lowers. Mens leather belts can be used to make a style statement, add up a pinch of formal wear, define a clear distinction between your two halves, tie an outfit together & much more. A great fitting & best-looking belt is the ultimate classic staple for the men. The black is timeless after all. It also works very well for both formal or casual wear.

In order to make most of the classic mens fashion accessories, your selection should be informed, plus flaunt your personality & improve whatever you are wearing eventually. Therefore, we kept all things in our mind, then we have compiled a guide to men’s leather belts, please have a look:

Belt Sizing ABC

It is important to know the size of your belt. This is often indicated in centimeters or inches. The number corresponds to the length of the strap. Generally, it is measured from the buckle to mid hole that is where it should be fastened.

The standard size of belts is 34 inches. However, some of the brands choose to size of the belts in the same manner as they do in clothing such as S, M, L & XL. It often comes with a waist range of 34 to 36 inches.

Formal Belts

The formal belt is the one that you will wear with a bespoke suit & trouser, and it should be completely understood. It should be 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters wide. The best designer belts for men are manufactured Italian calfskin leather. They come in different colors such as black, tan, brown, red, nut, soft blue & cream.

When it comes to formal wear, then it is all about advertising yourself. Due to the fact that, a bit of distraction may turn into an undesirable product. Thus, make sure that both shoes & belts must compliment each other. Also, try to stay away from old buckles.

If you are talking about the straps, they can have a subtle pattern such as a laser argyle pattern, emboss design with Italian bull leather & so on.

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Laser Argyle Pattern – SAWYER: TAN


Emboss Design With Italian Bull Leather – DINO: BLACK


A Word of Advice: In order to amplify your wardrobe versatility, opt for the perfect antique buckle finish & stick with that throughout the hardware selection of yours, including wrist watches & other fashion accessories.

Casual Belts

The best way to flaunt your polished look by experimenting with the casual Italian leather belts. However, the width size is undetermined, however, there are a few general guidelines in order to adhere to. For example, thin belts range between 1.5 to 2.2 centimeters that are suitable & best looking for skinny denim only, whereas, the wider styles can be attrited with any casual outfit, including cargo pants, shorts or chinos.

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Must-Own Belts

If you are embarking with the new & improvised collection of men’s leather belts from scratch & you feel need to help drawing a plan for it, go through the below essentials:

1.Formal Black, Brown: If you are looking for best-suited belts with your formals every time, then choose either black or brown colored belt with the formal shoes. As it is not hard to find out a double-sided style, which features both or either one of these colors.

2.Tan With Italian Lizard Print Leather: You can wear this style with denim. It can be woven or braided, plus lizard print leather.


3.You can also opt for the webbed or fabric version with double D-buckled fastening for the summer season. Make sure that the color that you can easily work into the existing wardrobe.

How to Opt for Best-looking & Stand Out Belts

There is no room for doubt in that you can find out the best-suited belts anywhere. This could be handmade belts that you shopped for a holiday or a crocodile design belt that you could not resist or a high street version, which complements your favorite pair of lowers such as trouser or cargo for casual wear. All you need to do is make sure that your belt should be unique & wear it wisely.

Bottom Line

One of the pivotal fashion accessories for men, i.e., the belt is universal & highly segmented. So your personal style of carry accessories can never be underestimated. Hence, choose it wisely before buying the add-on.