The summer sun is finally glittering!

Why don’t you think to accentuate your look with a pair of Remo Tulliani’s aviator sunglasses? Flip through the useful guide below before you find out one of the best-suited sunglasses for men & pair those classic shades with the perfect outfit combination.

One of the most appealing styles in sunglasses is aviator that has remained a highly popular brand since their emergence in 1930. Aviators can add up masculine touch instantly to everyone’s look. This fashion staple is still versatile enough in order to go with all sorts of combinations. The best thing to wear aviators is they go well both formal & casual outfits. Therefore, if your summer look always embraces a pair of stylish sunglasses, you will probably be familiar with Aviators.

Before adding sunglasses to your cart, just take some time to consider one of the best mens fashion accessories i.e., aviators. You will just require selecting wisely as there are amazing styles & colors are available at Remo Tulliani.

What Does Aviator Mean?

First of all, we need to take a moment on what does aviator mean in actual? The term aviator is well-known & instantly iconic as the style itself. It was invented by Bosch and Lomb in 1932. They were called as pilot glasses. They were primarily designed for pilots in order to keep the sun rays from their eyes while flying.

Moreover, all these kind of sunglasses was a transformation over traditional wraparound goggles with thinner frames. As they were lighter to wear for long time period. Also, they were also more elegantly designed.

Aviator Sunglasses For Men

Alike a lot of military inspired clothing, the small & big Aviators became the part of mainstream fashion. As they considered of dark & reflective lenses that provided wide coverage for the eyes in order to prevent light from any angle.

The style of sunglasses – aviators gradually blended into civilian fashion. They had grabbed the attention of the masses. Due to the huge popularity during the 1980s, the aviator is one of the most stylish accessories in the realm of fashion.

How To Wear Aviators For Polished Look?

In order to make sure to get a mileage out of a pair of aviators, you need to invest in a high-quality brand – Remo Tulliani. The cost might be a bit higher, nevertheless, it will ensure that as they last longer.

Aviator Lens Color

Remo Tulliani’s aviators come in different tinted lenses. Thus, it is pivotal to learn the advantages of each color to suit your outfit & personality, however, do not forget as they must still be practical. So, it would be better to bear in mind that how the lens is tinted that will change the manner you see the world.

Ash Gradient Fade Aviator

If you want to wear a bit different, what about some cool pair of ash gradient fade aviator? Surely, they will set you apart from gazillions of people. They will compliment a more casual outfit well.

Try to pair with bright colored contrasting clothes. However, bear in mind, a white shirt & denim will go with the blue aviator in order to go with the smart suit.

They will also go nicely alongside a gray suit in order to create a bit of contrast.

Being stylish, the ash gradient fade lens will help to reduce glare. They make the contours of things more defined, and making them a nice & perfect color to wear while driving.

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Amber Solid Aviator

If you want to go with the fancy look, then what about amber solid aviator in order to complete your look? However, it may seem a bit out there.

It would look great if you pair with the right outfit, then they will look great for sure. The color has also a more practical side. Amber solid is an extremely useful tint, especially, as it increases visibility on an overcast day.

This pair of sunglasses for men also helps you from suffering from eyestrain. The pair of shades is eye-catching, and you can pair them with a simple outfit. You just need to avoid prints or patterns.

On the other hand, if you also wear other accessories such as watches, make sure to pick gold instead of silver in order to tie in with the rest of your clothing.
Made in Italy.
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Amber Solid Aviatorspite-gunmetal-amber-2

Should Aviator Have a Brow Bar?

Typically, the aviator sunglasses have brow bars in order to keep sweat out of your eyes when the pilot was off flying. If you opt for aviators with brow bars, then it is purely a fashion choice.

Make sure that if you do shop aviators with a brow bar as they give you perfect fit as it will draw greater attention.

Bottom Line

One of the classic type of shades i.e. Aviators that have made men look stylish since the 1930s. Whatever style or tint you choose or whatever outfit you wear with them, Aviators look effortlessly cool. Simply, this summer, invest in a pair high-quality aviators & they would not let you down.