There is a bad socks outbreak over there!

Its victims are a number of men.

Well, there are several men who ruin their outfits by pairing them with the wrong kind of socks. There is a ton of rules in order to explain how to wear socks like a pro. However, there are a few super pivotal ones in order to make sure that you pair them carefully. There are certain socks for men that should be put on for specific occasions. For instance, particular patterns & colors of socks should only be worn with specific outfits.

In case, you have accidentally committed to any of these fashion sock mistakes, make sure to read below to learn the basics of socks rules.

Rule #1: Match The Socks To Pants, Not Shoes


There is a common misconception that a number of guys have as in they think that they should match their socks to their shoes, not their pants.

  • Do you think black shoes go with black socks? So, it’s wrong! This is only when it comes to socks that you want to match them to your pants.

  • The same would true whether you are wearing denim or something.

  • Brown pants should go with brown socks. Simultaneously, the same thing goes with Gray & blue pants.

  • The simple rule is that – choose your socks carefully for pants.

  • On the other hand, if you want to experiment with other patterned socks, there is a tip that you should bear in mind is that – dark colored socks tend to work better.

  • The reason behind that why you should match your socks with your pants is that when you take your shoes off, then your socks are exposed. However, the socks that coordinate with your pants that make your outfit look more fluid.

  • On the other hand, unmatched socks with your pants can ruin your memorable & awesome outfit, otherwise.

Rule #2: White Socks Are Only Meant For Sports

  • We are making it simple for you that if you are going to the gym, white socks are fine. They are actually fine rather than wearing black socks for men, if you are going for fun or playing sports outdoor.

  • Bear in mind, where you are going to generate a lot of sweat, then say yes to white colored socks.

  • Keep your white socks as close to your workout clothes if possible.

Rule #3: Dress Shoes Symbolizes Dress Socks


  • If you are going to wear dress shoes, then you can’t wear sports socks with it regardless of their color. For instance, it is not enough that the color of your socks should be black whether it is sports socks.

  • The reason behind this rule is simple. Usually, sports socks are bulkier than dress socks. This is due to the fact that sports socks are made of heavier cotton. Plus, they are frequently robbed. And, the ribbed socks against high-quality dress shoes is going to look odd.

Rule #4: Don’t Roll/Fold Your Socks


Avoid looking like as you are stuck in the worst part of the 80’s by rolling your socks around ankles. Since it makes your ankles look bulky.

Picking the right pair of socks for the occasion is not that difficult & tricky. Now, you know do’s & don’t of socks rules, and choosing the correct pair of socks that will come naturally to you!