If you’re the one who really thinks that belts are optional, then you’re wrong.

The belt is definitely not an optional accessory. If you have an interest in style, then you should believe that belts are must-have add-ons. Similarly, ties & pocket squares, mens stylish belts are essentials in fashion accessories. If you don’t take care of it, then it can make or break your entire look. In actual, the belt can speak so much about your personality & add flair to your boring outfit.

It is extremely important to give attention to every detail. The red colored belt is made of Italian Calfskin Leather perfectly works. Wear this belt with denim. Women will notice for sure!

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Nubuck Liner
Round Edge Casual Strap
Dark Antique Black Finish
Italian Calfskin Leather

Types of Belts

There are two types of belts i.e. Dressy and Casual. Normally, skinnier belts are dressier & they are meant for suits. Dressy belts are crafted from calfskin & adorned with a simple buckle.

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  • Italian Calfskin Leather
  • Nubuck Liner
  • Feather edge dress strap
  • Two tone gun metal
  • Brushed finish with metal loop

Dressy Belts

  • Undoubtedly, this is one of the important mens fashion accessories that should be a staple in every men’s wardrobe.
  • In addition, the belt you wear with the suit should be sleek & simple. Also, it should not huge or fancy buckles. Just keep it simple & elegant.
  • When we talk about mens leather belts, if you want to take a step above, then invest in high-quality leather such as Italian bull leather.


  • When it comes to choosing the color, then stick to black & brown. Since black & brown color belts go better & lighter colors. It works great between light pants & colored shirts.
  • Moreover, if you’re having trouble to differentiating the colors, the dressy belts are a bit wider than the width of your thumb.
  • Material: Calfskin Leather, Lizard Leather & Bull Leather.

Casual Belts

  • This is where you’ll have so many options & you can experiment with your entire look. Casual belts are made of cloth, canvas or nylon. Also, it can be wider & thicker.
  • When it comes to colors, the casual belts come in different colors, including white & other several tones. You’ll get limitless choices & colors in casual belts.

Belt Size

Usually, belts are sold with the tag on it. All you need to know your waist size. Bear in mind, go to 1” to 2” bigger. In this way, 33” & 34” waist translates into 36” to 40” belt sizes.

Creating The Complete Look

Let us dive into the world of belt buckles & step with caution. Stay away from bulkier & bigger buckles. Also, stay away from toy-like & mirror-shiny buckles.

Most important, keep it balance. As it is all about the belt fits seamlessly with the look & vibe of the overall outfit.

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