It is the fact that – nobody wants to be a fashion model in the workplace. However, it does not mean that you go to work in the pajamas! Jokes apart. Trust us, the way you dress up to work has a lot to do with the performance. As the better you look like & feel about yourself, the better you will perform for sure. Dressing up properly that does not mean wearing expensive mens fashion accessories, but also accessorizing the outfit nicely to complete the look.

Sunglasses for Men

In order to master your outfit & enhance your look, the accessory is a tricky thing. You don’t need a wide variety of accessories to nail your look. It is all about to have a classic collection of essential accessories. Whether you are going to work or going on holidays this summer, you need a good pair of sunglasses for men to not to let the sun gets in the way of your holidays or work. During the summer, a pair of shades is useful among all. No matter in which part of the world you live, you’ll know more than that, how quickly change the weather at 30 degrees heats can change into a monsoon. Therefore, in order to own shades is still a necessity for work or holidays. This is the accessory where it is more worth spending a bit more money.

Without a good pair of sunglasses, you may not get proper UV protection for your eyes. So all you need to invest in a designer pair of sunglasses, despite costing a bit more that will surely serve you well in a long run.

REMO TULLIANI’s Sunglasses

You can wear sunglasses or shades with more or less as they will still look good. If you shop a pair of eyewear of extremely bright or colorful shades, then there is a chance that they will clash. In your workplace, if you need to be versatile, then it is a good idea to stick with plain sunglasses of black or brown.

In order to add a more formal detail, go to where you’ll get Remo Tulliani’s iconic eyewear collection. Made in Italy.

Cost: $165


Leather Belts

A perfect belt never goes unnoticed. A great & essential fashion accessory for men. Whether formal or casual wear, the belt is pivotal among all accessories. At REMO TULLIANI’s online store, choose a wide variety of mens leather belts, including Italian Calfskin leather, Italian leather, Italian Calfskin lizard print leather, Italian bull leather & Italian calfskin Nubuck. Made in USA & ITALY.



Believe it or not, if you do not wear a comfortable pair of socks, then you can never feel ease throughout the day. That’s why, we bring you an amazing collection of socks with different magnificent patterns, including pindot, solid heather, large color block, small color block, horizontal stripes & argyle. Available at



From casual to work wear, if you are looking for a perfect pair of footwear – choose loafers to complete your looks. This is another trend in footwear to get the subtle look with REMO TULLIANI’s socks for men.