Wearing the belt is something several men find it out very easy.

Sometimes, you’ve probably asked yourself this question, “Is there more mens leather belts than quality & fit?”

Well, yes, it is.

You will have learned after reading below the top secrets to choosing the right one by experts –

It is incredibly easy, but also very important to choose the right & pick the right belt that goes with your outfit.

There Are Two Kind of Belts That Every Man Should Own

When it comes to belts, it is all about holding the pants or denim & tying together both upper & lower halves of your outfit. The retail store with 30 different belts on display is useless to you indeed if you could not find the right one.


This is due to the fact that – everyone wants solid-colored, clean & functional belts that one can wear with all kinds of trousers.

So where should we start with?

Well, it is easy to answer & given the answer that most of us own a pair of leather footwear for the formal occasion & for causal one, we prefer sneakers most of the time.

Hence, the best place to start with –

  • The leather belt should wear with leather dress shoes.
  • The canvas belt should wear with the sneakers.


On the other hand, white belts are exceptions, and they should never wear with the white belts. For a polished look, choose white belts with white shoes.

Do you want to take things further with mens leather belts? If yes, keep reading this.

Top Secrets To Choosing The Right Belt

According to experts, one of the best techniques is for choosing belts for men can be compiled like this:

Belts & pants should match.
Wear Narrow leather belts with dark jeans, pants, dress pants & trousers. On the other hand, wide belts should wear with lighter denim, cargo pants & shorts.

Belts & shoes should be the same color.
If your shoes of black color, then your belt should be of the same color, blue with blue & brown with brown, etc. There is only one exception is that when your shoes are white or bright color, a black belt is normally the best to wear.


The Material of the belt should match the material of the shoes.
It means that – canvas with canvas, leather with leather & suede with suede.

Secret#1: Belts & Pants should match.

It is all about the perfect fit when it comes to belts. Here are the exact measurements of wider & narrower belts.

Wider belt is 1-1/2” or 3-9 cm.
Narrower belt is 1-1/4” or 3-4 cm.

The wide casual belts are best worn with casual pants such as denim & cargo pants. On the other hand, narrower belts are best worn with dressier pants such as dark denim, chinos & dress pants.

Now, the question is that – how do you choose the right one for your outfit? Check out the secret 2.

Secret#2: Belts & shoes should be the same color.

Color coordination is very important to your belt & shoes in order to get you through the day with style. The reason is that – the correct width & color can tie your outfit & accentuate your overall look. The best thing you can do is to buy several belts in colors, which match with all your footwears.

Secret#3: Material of the belt should match the material of shoes.

There is a very simple rule – match your belt material with the material of the shoes.

Typically, shoes come in one of these three materials such as

  • Plain Leather
  • Canvas
  • Suede Leather

All you need to make sure that your belt should be the same as your shoes.

Now, It’s Your Turn

The experts have compiled top secrets in order to pick the right mens leather belts. Now, it is your turn to share your ideas & feedback.