Everyone knows very well that socks are a staple of any man’s collection. For the majority of people, socks are essentials that serve to the advantage of both functional & practicality. However, with this mindset, socks are cast aside as completely missed the opportunity at evoking a keen sense of style. For a polished look, we’re here quick to pay close attention to every detail, nevertheless, many of us forget to extend that when it comes to the underneath of our footwears.

In this blog, we’ll implore you to think about socks for men in a whole new light & give all these men’s fashion accessories the attention as they sorely deserve. Undoubtedly, socks give an easy & awesome way to add subtle boldness & personality to your everyday look. A number of styles, shapes & patterns are available these days, there is a world of opportunity over there. We are here to take you in the right direction so that you can pick the best-suited one for every occasion. Read on for more information about sock style & guidelines in order to choose the right pair of socks to complete your look.

Types of Socks

1.Ankle/Low-Cut Sport Socks

It is a type that hits or just below the ankle. However, the usage of ankle must be limited to the moments when you engage in some physical activity. On the other hand, the same rules would apply to white socks of any length.

2.Mid-Calf/Ankle-Dress Socks

This type is quintessential for every man looks. A pair of mid-calf socks is perfect for 9 to 5 as well as casual attire. It is essential for its functional benefits, for instance, to prevent a distracting flash of skin whilst you are at your workplace, plus its style-minded benefits such as to add up a pop of color or pattern to look with an ease.

3.Knee-Length Socks

As its name implies, the knee-length socks are the traditional ones that go all the way up to one’s knees. Most of the manufacturers usually do not produce varieties anymore. However, some stores offer at least few options. Therefore, all you need to pay a bit more attention because of added material. The best thing with knee-length socks is that you would never have to worry about pulling your socks up again.

Sock Fibers


There is an old saying that “Cotton is King” & it is hard to disagree with the statement. One of the most popular fabrics i.e. Cotton for both formal & athletic socks. The fabric is lightweight, cooler & durable than the other fibers. Also, it holds shape over time. It is very soft to touch & relatively cheap that is always a plus point associated with the fabric. In addition, it is worth mentioning that cotton is the most widely available construction of socks on the market so that they will most likely to make up the significant part of the mens fashion accessories. Likewise wool, cotton is blended with synthetic fiber in order to increase fit, durability & strength of socks.


This is one of the finest fibers used in sock production. It is an extremely soft material to touch & a bit higher in price as compared to average six pack socks. There is one unique quality in wool socks is that the ability of wool to keep feet warm in cold weather & cool when temperatures are high. Wool is a good for moisture absorption. There are many kinds of wool available in the marketplace that are blended with synthetic fibers in order to increase affordability, however, enhance other desirable attributes like durability, strength & friction reduction.


Indeed, it is considered as a luxurious fabric. Silk socks for men are reserved for black tie & formal attire. This is not due to its cost, but silk socks are not durable for long. They are blended with wool for insulating properties & sometimes, blended with synthetic fibers in order to provide longevity.

Tips To Kick Up The Socks Game

If you are in a conservative environment or simply you do want to stick to the classics, then match the color of your socks to that of your pants.

If you want to match your socks with your pants, then try to play around the texture in order to add a bit of visual interest whilst maintaining entire subdued appearance.

You can use solid color blocked socks in order to touch of personality to your look. The colorful socks are a great addition to striped, solid & patterned socks.