One of the growing trends in every season in eyewear is bold color frames in sunglasses.

Have you ever paid attention to the evolution of fashion over the past few years? You must have seen bold color frames & sometimes without frames. Before taking the leap into eye-popping frames, all you need to just a grasp on some of the classics.

Surely, it is fun to be different & experiment with the eyewear, but you have got to completely understand what you are doing, to some extent. Sunglasses for men should be thought of as a complement to your outfit & it does not merely use for protection from the sun. Undoubtedly, there will be times that you are spending time that are sporting at outdoors, but most of the time that you usually wear sunglasses as you actually want to give you polished look & accentuate your style.

Here are three looks with sunglasses from At Remo Tulliani, we’re offering free shipping on all mens fashion accessories on all orders over $45.00, REMO TULLIANI must have a collection of sunglasses to fit your face.

Formal Wear

To pair sunglasses with your work wear, it is often where most of the guys miss out the mark. Mostly, we see guys rocking wraparound athletic shades with the suit & tie. So, here is what you should follow to enhance the work wear look:

All you need to ditch your old style eyewear during the work week. Opt for a pair of metal frame aviators by Remo Tulliani. As the metal frames, aviators are sleek & always compliment a tailored look better than its chunky plastic counterparts. Plus, you can’t look polish & intimidating person at the same time.

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Casual Wear

One of the best ways to enhance your overall look is you need to wear with a pair of the acetate frames. It is totally different from your work wear look, both acetate or plastic frames work well because they usually add a bit more depth to your look as they are bulkier.

The particular pair of sunglasses for men has a keyhole cutout in the nose that is absolutely comfortable as well as leave the glasses pressed directly on your face. The entire shape of sunglasses is the hybrid of wayfarer & the aviator that can work for more faces, however not all.

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In order to balance out the rounded edges of sunglasses, there is a more defined face structure that works best.

Wayfarers: When it comes to casual wear, how can we forget wayfarers? They are much more square than the aviator sunglasses, but they are round at the bottom. With this blend of shape, wayfarers are tended to look great on everybody. In addition, you can also wear it with both casual & formal wear. All we need to say that this accessory is pretty much essential.

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