From office parties to big night outs with your friends – here are top eight looks for men to look forward to.

While surfing the internet & click on one shopping website, one thing is clear that the idea of evening wear has, like the collection of attires & mens fashion accessories, relaxed & comfort. The leather jacket with Italian leather belts (available at are now being acknowledged as a night time option alongside with the most traditional suits & velvet blazers. One of the best part outfit along with men’s designer accessories is one that makes you feel good & suits the bash. If you are still in turmoils as what you should wear to the Christmas party, then you should check out this:

1.Velvet Blazer

When it comes to velvet blazers for a Christmas party, opt for a well tailored & semi-formal one. Dark colored blazers like navy, dark gray & cobalt are the classic options for perfect party attire. For a polished look, wear it with mens designer accessories & keep the cut close to your body, but not so much tight for a modern look. Check suits can also work for the Christmas party eve.




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2.Wear Monochrome, if you’re in doubt

If you are looking for classic evening wear, wear two-tone look. There is the best way to modernize it by ditching all fussy extras. Wear black suit jacket as it will look amazing with a white crew neck or T-shirt. Don’t forget to wear them with a subtle mens designer socks. Available online at



david beckham family

If you want to try something different, try David Beckham’s recent party look. Wear posh coat & smart black denim with smart men’s fashion accessories in order to accentuate your overall look.

3.Leather Belts

Whether you are going to a party, office or hanging out with your friends – leather belts always play an essential role. No matter where you are going, Italian mens leather belts can’t be replaced. As we believe that – it is simply essential when it comes to men’s accessories.

Choose the one depending on the event or occasion.


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Burgundy colored shoes. Say Yes to them!

If it works for celebrities, why not for us. When it comes to Burgundy color, then it really works in the winter season. Literally, in several cases, it will really turn up any look.

All you need to pair them with subtle socks that are easily available at


5.Party Shirts

There is nothing wrong with party shirts if you are planning to wear it. Wear printed shirt with a great to accentuate your look.


The best socks identify how you move with a comfort so profound as it defines sensuality itself. Socks for men designed by REMO TULLIANI. We believe that by wearing socks – you’re not walking, you’re dancing.


7.Tux Trousers

Wearing tux trouser is the easiest way to go out for a party without thinking as though you are wearing fancy dress. Opt for navy or black color tux trousers.

8.Bow Tie

If you are going to wear the strictly fancy outfit, then don’t forget to wear a bow tie. If you are going for a modern cocktail party, pick a bow tie style without thinking too much.

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