One of the common men fashion accessories – socks – we all have them & wear every day. However, the majority of people do not give much thought to them. Here’s a complete guide to wearing bright colored or any colored socks you should be wearing, what material to be looking for, etc.

It is time to end up to wearing low-quality socks with high-quality outfits. If you do so, you are definitely on the right path to transforming the overall strength of your presentation & personality. High-quality socks keep your feet very comfortable whatever you are doing, whether you are going to ready for the workplace or it is hiking up a hill. Therefore, when buying socks that you need to consider your budget, requirements & what color of socks actually goes with what shoe. A bit lost? You don’t need to worry about socks.


The first impression is hard to built. So, when you take enough time on your outfits like jeans, jackets, t-shirts & other accessories, then why would you leave out your socks for men? Socks are not just black anymore. You can also try out with other bright colors. Whether you believe it or not, socks are essentials for the life of your shoes. Sweating can cause damage to your feet that highlights the importance of high-quality material of socks.

Opting for which socks are best for which shoes & how to wear them can be daunting to most men. Since, it comes with so many lengths, patterns & styles available. It can be quite hard to choose, but this men’s guide breaks down everything that you need to know. Bear in mind, the rules are meant to be broken. So, make sure you experiment.

Why Socks?

An essential & interesting piece of clothing. Usually, we pay little attention to them. However, socks are the central part of overall comfort in several ways for us. They protect our feet from abrasion, wick away sweat, etc. However, socks can add a small detail that can either pull your outfit together or provide an unwelcome distraction.

Common Rules of Socks

  • If you are not sure about the color of your socks, then stick to black.
  • Make sure that the color of your socks each other. However, it sounds obvious, but it is an easy enough mistake to make.
  • The color of socks should match your trousers.
  • A good pair of socks for men does not merely absorb sweat, but it should absorb sweat through the material to an outer surface that is an actual process as it is called wicking.
  • A good pair of socks should cushion the feet from impact with the ground. It also prevents the skin from rubbing against the inside of shoes.


Material of Socks

  • The common material of socks includes cotton, nylon, wool & polyester. Cotton is a good absorbent. It is good material for sweating of the skin.
  • For leather dress shoes, pick fine wool blend.
  • For casual sneakers, pick cotton & cotton blend striped & patterned socks.

Types of Socks

Plain & Dress Socks

Dress socks include standard black, plain gray & navy blue. These colors can make the best dress socks, but even white socks can also work. It depends on the outfit & occasion.


The Rules

  • If you are still not sure about styling the socks, then go for something plain or classic pattern i.e. Argyle.
  • When it comes to suits, the color of your dress socks should match your trouser.
  • Say big no to plain white socks with suits.

Textured Socks

If you like the idea of plain or dress socks, then you can pick the idea of textured socks when it comes to mens designer accessories. Bear in mind, textured socks can add weight to your look.

Brightly Colored Socks

They have made a comeback in recent years. Men have become more confident & conscious to wear vibrant & brightly colored socks.


Bottom Line

We’ve mentioned few simple styling tips & tricks that you can utilize the next time while picking out socks for your outfits. In addition, bear in mind, just open your mind to breaking the rules, because the outfit options are endless.