CUTTING-EDGE Technology & COMFORT are the key elements of REMO TULLIANI’s research, and it is enhanced by an iconic collection of sunglasses. The season of shades is here! Before arriving summers, it would be great to choose an on-trend pair of eyewear for you. So we’re here to help you with the amazing collection of sunglasses for men that will transform your eyewear game into a piece of an art.

The Online Store, Remo Tulliani – Build Your Own Unique Style!

Remo Tulliani is the U.S based brand that creates iconic mens fashion accessories, including belts, sunglasses & socks & they know how to make them better. Better, it means designed for style, but not just to be trendy, here is a big difference in that. They build accessories that stand up to any challenge, in terms of style & craft. Moreover, better means priced lower comparatively pricey luxury brands, while beating them on quality.

An Iconic Men’s Sunglasses Collection to Wear Now

All you need to upgrade your style, please throw away your fluorescent wayfarers with reflective lenses immediately. If you are looking forward to making a statement with your sunglasses that does not mean going full spring break, especially if you are over the age of 24 & have a 9 to 5 job.

Here we design eyewear that creates the high-quality shades as you could sit in a museum – amazingly crafted by the team of Remo Tulliani. Here we prefer to choose & wear the following as they are bound to suit every face type.

1. TRUST: Tortoise/Nude

From the collection of sunglasses by Remo Tulliani, TRUST: Tortoise/Nude is a standout. With sturdy Grilamid frames, this style is lightweight & hypoallergenic. It contains all stainless hardware. It comes with Nude lens color. This style of eyewear – TRUST offers a blend of metal & Grilamid in one frame while maintaining shutter resistant strength.

Cost: $185.00
Made in ITALY

2. TRUST: Tortoise/Blue Fade

With Ash lens color & frame color tortoise/blue fade, TRUST: Tortoise/Blue Fade is an iconic sunglasses that you should buy right now as you don’t need to look further to adjust yourself with low quality. The style is lightweight & hypoallergenic & containing all stainless hardware. This style, TRUST offers a mix of metal & Grilamid in a single frame while maintaining shatter resistant strength.

Cost: $185.00
Handcrafted in ITALY


3. SMOOTH: Snuff/Sky/Ash

It features substantial Grilamid arms & has a high strength rating. It is lightweight & also hypoallergenic with stainless hinges. SMOOTH: Snuff/Sky/Ash offers a twist on the classic aviator style while keeping shatter resistant strength. Outside frame color: Snuff, Inside Frame color: Sky & Lens color: Ash.

Cost: $165.00
Handcrafted in ITALY


4. SMOOTH: Clear

A must-have pair of sunglasses that is handcrafted in Italy. The SMOOTH: Clear features substantial Grilamid arms & have a higher strength rating. This style is lightweight & hypoallergenic with stainless hinges. It renders a twist on the classic aviator style while maintaining shatter resistant strength. Outside Frame color: Clear, Inside Frame color: Clear & Lens Color: Ash

Cost: $165.00
Made in ITALY


5. COURAGE: Matte Black/Clear

This style of sunglasses for men – Courage features every sturdy Grilamid frame.

-Contains all stainless hardware
-The square style lenses are made of shatter resistant glass.

Cost: $165.00
Handcrafted in ITALY


P.S. All warm colors of shades, designed by Remo Tulliani are not overwhelming & they will definitely complement every skin & face type.

It’s time to start endowed with fully-fledged eyewear!