Just like your clothing, you should pay extra attention to mens fashion accessories, which have potential to make or break your outfit. It is pivotal to recognize the item’s place in the wardrobe as we mean to say that – you probably would not wear a pair of sporty designer accessory to a wedding or any formal event, you are also not likely to wear cufflinks to the Courtside game. Believe it or not, all these similar rules will apply for the belt holding your jeans or pants up.

Whether you wear mens leather belts for fashion or function, without a doubt, belts are must-have accessories for all. From color to material, you would be surprised at how much a belt can do in order to enhance your overall look. So what is the first guiding principle? However, narrow & streamlined belts add you more of an executive look that is used for formal occasions. On the other hand, we recommend you to choose wider & thicker belt options that are best-suited for casual occasions. Men’s fashion has become a collection of diverse styles & trends. All you need to pay close attention to the tones of the belts by two general categories of belts i.e. casual & dress.

At REMO TULLIANI, we’ve compiled the main categories & highlighted a few of the best designer leather belts for men. Also, we would recommend having more than one belt, starting with one dress and casual belt that you should invest right now.


Three Grades of Leather

Lizard: One of expensive materials in leather belts. The leather made from lizard, crocodile & alligator skin is costly & they can cost up to $1,000. The leather is marked by its small & dense scale patterns.

Calfskin: Almost every belt you’ll find in stores are some variation of calfskin. Although, do not get belts’ universality get you down. The designers of belts generally find out calfskin quite versatile, and it allows for smooth & shiny dress belts, plus wide & thick cuts for casual numbers.

Ostrich: The most exotic belt leather is – ostrich. It costs a few hundred dollars a pop. The belt is made from ostrich material possess supreme fashion & confidence.

Dress Belts

It is mainly recognized as for formal dinners, wedding & office meetings or you want to make a serious impression. Dress belts are typically less than an inch, and it usually varies between tan, black & brown colors. There is another common feature in dress belts to look for is its quality of leather. This is what is going to turn your old belt into a thing of beauty rather than the thing to replace. Check out the options of dress belts that will cover your basis under your budget:

1.CORAGGIO: Natural, $85.00

    • Material: Genuine Horween Leather

    • Natural raw edge with a matching leather-wrapped Italian buckle in antique nickel finish.

    • Made in USA


2.DARA:Brown, $125.00

  • Material: Italian Leather

  • Made in ITALY

  • Hand etched vertical line design

  • Italian buckle in a brushed gunmetal finish


Everyday Belts

The belts are included in this category, then you don’t need to think about them twice. You may wear one or two of favorite belts throughout the day, but you can get away with just one of these if it is a mute tan. Your everyday belts can easily pair with any leather shoes & jacket in order to complement leather accessories.

3.ENZO: Red, $59.50

  • Material: Italian Calfskin Leather

  • Made in USA

  • Nubuck Liner

  • Round edge casual strap

  • Dark Antique buckle finish


4.DANTE: Tan, $59.50

  • Material: Italian Leather

  • Made in ITALY

  • Hand etched design.

  • Italian buckle in a brushed gunmetal finish


Miscellaneous Belts

They are not your complicated options, nevertheless, there is a certainly room for them in order to develop more leather belt collection. Ranging from athlete style to more seasonally appropriate, check out a few cool numbers that can go both formal & casual wear, have a look!

5.MACE: Natural, $59.50

  • Material: Genuine Horween Leather

  • Made in USA

  • Color: Natural

  • Italian plaque buckle in antique nickel finish


6.MACRO: Black, $59.50

  • Material: Italian Calfskin leather

  • Made in USA

  • Nubuck liner

  • Round edges sport strap

  • Antique buckle finish


7.COLTON: Black, $59.50

  • Material: Italian Leather & Metallic Italian Leather

  • Made in USA

  • Brushed gunmetal buckle finish


8.BORIS: Tan, $85.50

  • Material: Italian Bull Leather

  • Made in ITALY

  • Engraved with laser & washed by hand

  • Antique buckle finish, wrapped in matching leather


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