From formal evening traditionalism to achieving effortless day looks – a perfect dress code cannot be achieved by wearing men’s designer accessories and it is easily perfected by incorporated clean & classic pieces. When it comes to the most common, yet pivotal accessory – belt, wearing it is something that most of the guys are accustomed to. You are here & reading this, you have probably asked yourself this question is one type of another one. The belt is blended with two things – good fit & quality. They are not useful for practical utility, but the perfect belt never goes overlooked.

How to Pick the Best Leather Belts

The rules of best leather belts for men are simple – keep things classic & simple. A pivotal element when it comes to fashion accessories – belt is the perfect to upgrade both formal & casual looks. That being said, there is a wide range of unique textures & colors that can alter your aesthetic, affording a bit of vibrancy to every man’s wardrobe. Whether you are looking to pick for simple, casual look or refined formal attire look, this blog’s got you covered.

Material: Italian Leather

Leather belts have been worn for as long as there have been denim or lowers to hold up. The material, leather was used in belt making for its durability, flexibility & beauty. One of the best leather belts is made from cowhide. However, there are other animal hides have been used to manufacture belts, but cowhide is strong enough to hold its shape without an inner structure.

Two Kinds of Belts That Every Man Should Own

When it comes to belts, it is all about holding your pants up & tying altogether the upper & lower half of your outfit. Even with 100+ different designs on display in an online or physical store, most of them are useless to you even you can’t carry it in order to upgrade your look.


That’s why we want clean, functional, solid-colored & inconspicuous belts as what you can wear with your trousers. Therefore, where should one start? The solution is simple, given the most of us own a pair of leather shoes & one pair of sneakers for casual occasions.

Hence, the best place to start off with is:

1.Narrow Leather Belt
2.Narrow Canvas Belt

1.Narrow Leather Belt: You can wear it with the same color of your leather shoes. Plus, you can wear your leather dress shoes.

2.Narrow Canvas Belt: You can wear it with the same color of your favorite sneakers.


Note: White shoes are the exception & it should never be paired with white belts. In order to get the best looks with white shoes, opt for the black color belt instead of white one.


Leather Belts for Formal Occasion

The formal belt is the one men’s fashion accessory that you will wear with tailored trousers & suits, but nothing should be completely understood. It must be 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters wide, manufactured from fine Italian leather. It usually comes in brown, black or any other subtle color. A perfect formal belt can finish off your outfit & it plays a supporting role in whatever you are wearing & never steal the show.


Italian Leather Belts for Casual Occasion

Flaunt your personality & be more experimental with your casual belt. The width is undetermined, however, there are some general guidelines adhere to. For example, thin belts are suitable for skinny denim only, on the other hand, wider styles can be worn with any casual trousers, including denim, chinos, shorts & cargo pants.