When it comes to picking the right pair of eyewear, you simply need to go with the shape. Also, it must counterbalance your face & you should take care of this, especially if you are buying them online. Here are do’s & don’ts while picking a right pair for you:

Square Face Shape


Do – Pick the frames that add curves & softness to square face shape. Go with round shaped sunglasses for men that are good to pick.

Don’t – Choose square, rectangular frames as they only add in angles & throw the face out of proportion.

 Round Face Shape


Do – Go with square shaped frames or cat-eye as they add angles to the face.

Don’t – Don’t choose round shape frames as they will accentuate your round features & eliminate angles that you may have.





Oval Face Shape


Do – You can experiment with any of frame shapes.

Don’t – Do not go to the frames that throw off the natural perfection of the face.

Heart-shaped Face

Do – Opt for the frames that attention away from the forehead. Pilot frames are great for heart-shaped eyewear that suits wider than the face.

Don’t – Do not pick a small pair of eyeglasses. It will make your face larger than it is.

Where to Buy Men’s Eyewear

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