The worst feeling is when you have done the research & power-point presentation and you will be ready for the next day for big pitch tomorrow. The moment when you check out your closet, you’ll have nothing to wear for the next meet whether it is formal or casual. There would be one thing that you may not be prepared ahead of time because your outfit can make the whole thing fail. That’s whys it shows the importance of a basic wardrobe that can only be completed with the perfect mens fashion accessories. In simple words, never fall victim to disastrous style ever. So allow us to break down top 10 essential items that every man should own in his wardrobe as the modern gentleman needs ready at all times.

1.Well-suited Suit

The Suit is one of the gentleman’s armor. It goes well with the important occasions, including wedding, fancy dinners, etc. whether you have a guest speaker or receiving an award outage. Every man must have one good suit ready at all times. Therefore, if you wear suits frequently, then you must have that particular suit in your wardrobe for emergency situations. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for this. Therefore, at any moment, when people’s eyes on you, you want to look the best. Also, you want to feel genuinely proud & good about yourself. Make sure that you have got a good suit as well as slack to own all these 15 minutes of fame.


2.Solid Colored Necktie

Whilst most of the suits sort of blend in with each other, it is the necktie that lets you stand out a bit more. In the competitive world of business, ties are one of the powerful fashion accessories. It draws attention to one’s face & it plays a part in influence & persuasion. Solid colored neckties can make a difference. A small repeating factor can be also fine. The color of neckties can be muted such as dark green, dark blue or burgundy would be the best. It does not distract rather draws attention.


3.Designer Accessories

You may hear many times that an outfit can’t be completed without wearing perfect men’s designer accessories as they provide the finishing touch, which gets you from looking good to perfect.


If we talk about socks for men, wearing socks on the outside has become the fashion norm. This is due to the fact that the range of sock designs staying strong in the marketplace.

On the other hand, if you have ever interested to wear high-cuffed pants, it is always good to have classic colored socks in your wardrobe. Choose plain block patterns in order to pair with the suits for most of the occasions. You can also experiment with the colors like red, purple, blue, etc.



The fashion accessories – sunglasses for men is essential for the sake of our eyes as well as style. It is a timeless trend in the realm of fashion, it is an accessory that everyone should have – whether you are into fashion or not. The stylish aesthetic can give a sophisticated, professional & mysterious look. So, don’t forget to wear while hanging out with your friends.



Suits for men are chic, on the other hand, jackets & blazers bring out the physique. Jackets or blazers can make your hands, chest, shoulders appear big & strong. You end up looking taller & more masculine in both of them.

mens blazer

5.Dress Shirts

For dress shirts, there is no explanation needed. All you need to keep them simple. The shades of blue are must-have when it comes to dress shirts. In order to play it safe, make sure that they are the type of a regular business collar.


6.Casual T-Shirts

Similar rules will apply to casual T-shirts with same colors & patterns. For casual wear, polo shirts are another alternatives. However, some guys think it is a bit more geared towards the dress shirts, but this is all that you want to upgrade your look with casual t-shirts.


7.Perfect Fitting Denim

Denim is all about the perfect fit. Especially, for those that would fit your lower body like a glove. It is a crucial part at all times. Make sure, your denim neither looks baggy or saggy. This is something sure as they are all available in all sizes.


8.Dress Belt

Your outfit can’t be completed without a perfect Italian leather dress belt even when you are wearing your shirt tucked in or out. Therefore, you will want to always ready for any occasion. A wise investment can be a set of interchangeable Italian leather belts & buckles. It will give you the ability to make a quick switch for the more coordinated outfit.


9.Dress Shoes

Every suit needs a nice pair of dress shoes in order to match. You may think that people pay the least amount of attention to shoes, but it is not true. The most impressive men look sharp from head to toe. Dark brown shoes can specifically go well with a navy colored suit. However, other than that it is really about personal preference & some trial & error.


10.Dress Watch

We all have agreed with the statement that we all have smart gadgets & we don’t require a dress watch to check the timings. But, that’s not why guys want dress watch. We all need in the same way as women need earrings.

Watches are the method to show class to tell the time. The guys who constantly look their wrists & lead busy lives. You may never know if a pretty woman might ask you for the time. That’s why when you would get the chance to be a true gentleman.