As we all have already entered into a golden period when it comes to office wear for men, however, numerous organizations have a very flexible attitude to work attire. Nevertheless, the days of black suits, shirts & ties for every day may be dead. Also, you can’t afford to get lazy with all your choices. Meanwhiles, there are certain office wear staples & men’s fashion accessories that must be included in your closet. There is a fine line to make a balance between an outfit that is too flashy & one of that is simply to blend. Here we are coming up with the top ways in order to nail your style for work & nailing the office dress code for men.




Nowadays, although in most offices, it is not compulsory to wear a suit & not even a Shirt & Tie. However, going the extra mile can really flaunt that you mean business sometimes. Well, there is nothing more empowering than putting a great looking suit as it can make you feel like 6 inches taller & more refined by pairing with smart yet essential men’s designer accessories such as Italian leather belt by REMO TULLIANI. Available at

Ranging from comfortable casuals to the height of sophistication, a perfect suit always looks great whilst maintaining that touch of class.



There is a solid reason that single-breasted suit is a closet staple amongst politicians, business leaders, movie stars. However, the answer is – it is generally best to go for one or another. If you are going to pick a brightly colored shirt, it is the best way to pair with a simple suit, whereas a check suit must be paired with plain shirt & a tie combo.



In order to carry a more relaxed in the smart business casuals, while still maintaining the sharpness, which is generated from a suit. Also, you could pair more casual clothing with a jacket. For obvious reasons, it is by far the most versatile ways of wearing a suit. You can pair casual chinos & shirt with the smart jacket for a polished look. In addition, you can create a fairly smart casual look without a tie as well.

There’s another method to dress the suit down is swapping shirt for a fitted crew or roll neck jumper. It adds an element of informality to look while maintaining the professional core style.



If your workplace a bit more relaxed than others, then putting on the suit could potentially stick out like a thumb. As no one can like someone who tries so hard.


Tip#4: DENIM

Try out some smart chinos & just pair with patterned shirts & patterned socks with cool & iconic sunglasses for men. Simply, mix up with diverse styles, colors & patterns. It is also worth for nothing, but so many colors, as well as patterns, may be overpowering. Try out one strongly patterned pieces with neutral tones.


How to Nail Your Style for Work

One of the fundamental keys is to dress for the office in the modern days is to maintain a smart & streamlined look, even though, if you are going to casuals. In simple terms, keep your jeans & trousers cut slim. Say no to shorts, crazy prints, joggers, etc.



With everything from formal to smart casual wear ideas, you will be covered more than set to suitable outfit for the workwear. If you try out your best & adhere to all the rules & guidelines set out in this blog to office wear for men, then you will soon be obtaining the rewards for great sartorial sense, plus it will be well on your way in order to impress all the right people in high places.
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