Temperature rises, color softens & comfortable fashion accessories, summers bring what it promises of fresh & new wardrobe. Therefore, in the sizzling summer months, fashion accessories for men mean a lot & can bring many advantages, since it adds flairs & fineness to your outfits, thanks to its versatility & range. What if when you could not decide which fashion accessory can suit best for you? If you have been searching solutions for all your queries, then you are at the right place, meet top five men’s fashion trends on men’s designer accessories for this summer by the experts of REMO TULLIANI.

Men’s Key Accessories for Summer


When it comes to summers, less is the key in fashion accessories. Wardrobe staples tend to be cool t-shirts, shorts & a good Italian leather belt. In general, basic accessories can really accentuate your style points from everywhere from the beach to the cinema.

Although even in high temperatures, a good set of men’s fashion accessories, including a good pair of iconic sunglasses for men, belts, hat, etc. An ensemble of key fashion accessories can keep you looking cool & comfortable at the same time. There are four key pieces for your summer wardrobe that will bestow style & versatility, even though if you are in the budget, it will also allow you to rejuvenate all your summer essentials because that is right now. And, what we all want to say that it is all about seasonal ingredients.



It does not take a seasoned style experts to explain why sunglasses are one of the essential key elements in accessories arsenal. With an abundance of style, shapes, color & tints – eyewear is the easiest way to give an instant coolness, especially with the aviators & round shapes shades. That being said that it is time to step away from traditional club masters to wayfarers & simply, invest in one of the variations in aviators. Whether you are looking for vintage style or traditional party style, sunglasses play more subtle way on the trend with round shapes & numerous styles are there that suit on your face. Check out some amazing collection in eyewear:

SMOOTH: Ink/Jade/Fade, Cost: $165


This cool pair of sunglasses is manufactured in ITALY. It features substantial Grilamid arms & has a high-strength rating. Lightweight, hypo-allergenic with stainless hinges. SMOOTH offers twist on the classic aviator style while maintaining shatter resistant strength.


A good backpack has been a recurring trend for the last several seasons. It plays an equally pivotal role. Backpacks have been one of the strongest bag categories for some time. Nevertheless, all these have become much more polished & grown up. In recent seasons, men’s backpacks have some superb quality in the marketplace as well as online stores that show just how much this fashion accessory has changed from old days.

Out and about during London Collections: Men spring 2017.

3.Italian Leather Belt

It is not useful for a practical utility, a great Italian leather belt never goes unnoticed, but it also amplifies your looks & lending a personal touch. It is essential for a personal touch when it comes to formal as well as casual wear. In simple terms, keep things classic & simple by just wearing a good Italian leather belt.

Main Image

BORIS: TAN, $85.00

Material: Italian Bull Leather
It is engraved with laser & washed by hand.
Antique buckle finishes & wrapped in matching the leather.
Made in ITALY


4.Socks for Summer

Undoubtedly, both socks & loafers can give versatile look that registers easy & effortless. Pairing socks with loafers can also remarkable in summer. It also adds dimensions to your look, providing a layered option plus subtle colors. The summer socks collection includes neutral colors, patterned socks, solid plain colors & some casual colors.

In summer, socks with loafers can add creativity & ensure formal & casual looks that will be not one-toned or bring. In order to maintain a formal sense, harnessing socks with loafers is not the thing to be afraid of brightly colored socks.

SIOUX: Black, $18.00


The cool set of fashion accessories will surely work well in order to enhance your look!

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