The summer sun is finally shining! So why don’t you style up your look with a pair of the best sunglasses for men – aviators? If you are really looking for an answer here, simply flip through this handy guide to picking up frames for yourself. After all, these are the best shades by REMO TULLIANI on online & physical stores as well.

Aviators have always remained a highly popular style in sunglasses since 1930. In a nutshell, Aviators are cool, classic, comfortable & protected at the same time. If you want to add a masculine touch to your look, this fashion staple is versatile to usher all kinds of all outfit combinations. Among all kinds of sunglasses, aviators will work well with the smart & casual outfits for men. Before heading over to the sunglasses rack though, you need to take some time to consider one of the best aviators for men. All you need to pick wisely as there are a number of styles, lens colors available.


What Does Aviator Mean?

The name, Aviator perhaps is well known as the style itself. These were also called as pilot glasses & were primarily designed for the pilot to wear in order to keep the sun away from their eyes. All these sunglasses were certainly an improvement over traditional wraparound goggles. The thin metal frame was designed to wear for extended periods of time, but it also more elegantly designed.


In popular culture, whilst only a military item of clothing, aviators became an attitude. Aviators are considered dark, reflective lenses that provided wide coverage for the eyes in order to prevent light coming in from any angle.

Gradually, aviators are blended into civilian fashion & the style of the 1970s, they have captured the attention of the masses.



In order to make sure that you get a mileage out of your pair of sunglasses by REMO TULLIANI, invest in the high-quality brand. The cost might be a bit higher, nevertheless, it will be ensured that they last a long time.


They come in a lot of colors & different tinted lenses so that it is pivotal to study the advantages of each color in order to suit your character as well as outfit.








Add a twist to the classic aviator sunglasses, try out the plastic frames. They usually have a thin metal frame, but a plastic frame may add greater durability. What is more, you need to add in order to accentuate your entire look & get a polished look instantly.


Should Aviators Have a Brow Bar?

Fundamentally, these sunglasses would have brow bars to keep sweat out from forehead & near the eye area. Whether you choose aviator sunglasses with a brow bar, this is purely a choice of one’s fashion sense. Make sure that you do choose aviators with a brow bar as they fit correctly & it draws the greatest attention to ill-fitting sunglasses.

A Quick Guide: How to Wear Sunglasses

Firstly, check size & fitting of eyewear that you are going to wear.
Try out different lens sizes, styles & different face shapes.
Wear aviators with a variety of tints.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, aviators are the classic styles that have made men look cool, stylish & polished at the same time. They look great on all men with every kind of outfits. It is time to invest high-quality aviators now. More on