Something is happening in the world of fashion accessories!

Or, we can say in the realm of REMO TULLIANI, the online store that you may be missing out!

It is not a tidal wave, but then again, there are still things when you are dealing with men’s outfit as well as men’s designer accessories. It is more like a small drip, which has turned into a steady stream of obsession. It has started out with few enthusiasts & their interests in the ancient crafts.


Whether it is for casual wear or formal wear – fashion accessories that are designed by Remo Tulliani always work no matter where you are planning to go. These fashion accessories are the ideal blend of comfort & style for every man, and there could not have been best accessories. Every weather is demanding when it comes to outfits or fashion accessories.


For achieving any look, an appropriate Italian leather belt plays a major role. Stick to the classics. Simply, invest in more comfortable & long-lasting pieces that are not overly complicated & will last for many years. Italian leather belts designed by Remo Tulliani come with an Italian buckle in a brushed gunmetal finish.



If you are looking something different, go with basic shapes in high & good quality material for a perfect that registers classic. You are at the right place if you are looking for the same. Remo Tulliani – the online store only uses leather that is surely a safe choice & won’t date. It means that they can be worn for many years.



Some trends never die, sunglasses are one of those fashion accessories. Both aviators & wayfarers include the best men’s fashion trends in 2017 as well as upcoming years. Stylish sunglasses for men will get you on trend & in style immediately. Also, there is something about round shades these days, which just make it plain cool & round that has vintage look that also always in style.


Cost: $165.00

Available at



Wearing socks always give you versatile look that registers effortless & ease. In spite of favorable styles, pair socks with loafers, chinos or denim. Also, patterned socks remarkably add dimensions to looks, and also providing a layered proportion, plus the subtle introduction of colors.


Invest in socks for men, are designed by Remo, it will amplify your looks & give the impression dapper without overdoing. It includes neutral contrasts, patterned, casual ones & formal ones.


Cost: $18.00


So you see, adding a little one of the best fashion accessories can make a difference for the better. In order to achieve a polished look, these three above-mentioned design accessories make the whole thing like a walk in the park!

Thanks for reading. 🙂