The right fashion accessories can complete your outfit, but the wrong one can ruin completely in an instance. A number of ways that you can enhance your look, style or outfit with something as simple as a pair of men’s sunglasses online or a belt. Shades or sunglasses are an essentially pivotal accessory for men just because they do not only have the power to polish your entire appearance, nevertheless, also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Furthermore, you need to know about three must-know things about your sunglasses if you are a fan of an iconic eyewear & you don’t want to skimp on quality. Sunglasses are must-have for all in every aspect, therefore, here is a handy guide for you.


The main body of sunglasses is consisting of two main pivotal things i.e. frame & lens. Everybody must aware of these two terms. However, there are still other parts of the body of glasses that also should be addressed to profoundly understand the styles of yours.

The frame rim is the area, which protects your lens. This is the main body of the frame covering your lens. There are a full rimmed, half-rimmed & rimless sunglasses as well. At Remo Tulliani, we’ve got a whole range of the latest designer accessories in order to choose from to suit your look.

Rim: if we talk about the rim, it provides strong protection to your lens from breaking.

Bridge: is the line, which connects both the lens frame rims collectively at the center, therefore, it is called a bridge.

Upper Bridge or Upper bar: frequently we can say that you’ll find out an extra the upper bridge that is also known as the upper bar. The main objective of the bar is style as it provides additional strength for the bridge.

Nose Pads: are meant for the support. Nevertheless, nowadays, you’ll get sunglasses without nose pads. However, they often leave an impression on both sides of the nose.

Temple Tip: the end of the bar is called temple tip. It is thicker than temple & also has softer edges. This is due to the fact that it is softer as compared to others portions.

Joint: is the region where your temple joins itself to the frame rim.

In a nutshell, sunglasses include rim, bar, bridge, temple tip, joint & nose pads together from the mainframe.




1.Full Rimmed Frames

2.Half Rimmed Frames

3.Rimless Frames

Full Rimmed Frames:

In this, essentially the entire lens is well covered in the frame. The rim entirely surrounds with glass that protects it from breakage. You’ll get a variety of full rimmed as well as thick-rimmed frames or we can say that nerdy sunglasses. They are very hot & trendy today. For daily wear, they are amazing to wear. They look stylish & also provide good support. Go ahead!

Half Rimmed Frames:

This is one of kind of frames wherein the glass is well protected from the top, but the bottom region is rimless & uncovered. Fundamentally, the rim covers half of glass region only. Although, that region is protected, and the glass can break from the bottom if they get a direct hit. In actual, all these frame styles look stylish undoubtedly.

Rimless Frames:

As the name suggests, rimless, this kind of glass is exposed to breakage. So you need to be careful before buying it.


There is mainly six basic lens style that you should consider before making your final decision. Here is the following lens style:

  • Square Shaped Lens
  • Rectangular
  • Oval Shaped Frames
  • Tear-Drop
  • Wrap Around
  • Aviators

Bottom Line

If you have already tried all these sunglasses, simply grab yourself a new pair of Remo Tulliani’s aviator sunglasses or an iconic Wayfarer. Enjoy quality eyewear in versatile styles. With a collection of styles, the brand has got versatile as well as statement designs, which can be matched with everything from a simple denim or white colored Tee combination, to a full suit.