As a man, you may not think twice about purchasing a perfect eyewear for yourself, and the iconic eyewear collection is on trend right now. But what about eye care? That’s another story. Care of eyes is deeply personal & more than everything when it comes to caring & preventing from harmful UVA & UVB rays when we step out the door. Whether you believe it or not, nowadays, people do buy more sunglasses as compared to previous times worldwide.

In order to prevent for eyes completely from all those harmful rays, we’re going to meet the new advanced lens technology in sunglasses for men that will definitely do more for your eyes & just wear them on-the-go!

This season, REMO TULLIANI – an online store for all men’s fashion accessories offers a wave of new eyewear collection much more than just a fashion accessory. As we are moving on, we have the largest collection of iconic shades in our online store, our experts will help you out to make an informed decision.

  • UV Protection
  • Frame Size
  • Lens Technology

UV Protection

There is no method to deny how polished you look at that killer pair of eyewear, and there is a real reason to wear them. Being an iconic designer accessory, REMO TULLIANI’s sunglasses collection does protect from a diverse form of UV light as well as increasing optical clarity in the bright conditions whilst reducing the risk of damage to your eyes. UV rays can simply damage your eyes permanently. So there are two kinds of UV light that you need to look out for:

UVB Rays – are super intense & they cause cancer & sunburns, and these rays can be very hazardous.

UVA Rays – do not vary in intensity throughout the year & they are much less intense.


While picking the new & right sunglasses for you, then the first thing you are searching for – the right frame size. We can say – smaller frames work amazingly well with smaller faces and vice versa. It is a great rule of thumb & you should not be confused with overall coverage of sunglasses. Not every manufacturer provides this thorough information, so here we have tried to include in the specification of every pair of shades as what we have our own website. It includes:


Eye Size – is the horizontal measurement from the outside edge to inside edge of one lens.

Bridge Size – is the distance between the lenses. The widths are 14 to 24 mm.

Temple Size – is the length of temple pieces, and also known as an arm piece or ear piece. Its length is 120 to 150 mm.



Polarized Lens

When light reflects off water, glass, snow, sand or pavement, then it reflects perpendicularly to the surface. The reflective glare is intense enough & having the intention to cause eye irritation, eye fatigue & restricted vision in some cases.


This kind of lenses automatically adjusts to changing light intensity in order to do more & protection in a wider range of conditions. This kind of lenses actually gets darker on bright days, and they get lighter when conditions get darker.

Gradient Lenses

They are tinted from top to down, therefore, top of the lens is darkest. Gradient lenses are good for driving because they protect your eyes from overhead sunlight. Also, they allow more light via the bottom half of the lens, therefore, you can see the dashboard display translucently.

Check out the latest sunglasses with the advanced lens technology, we bet you would not see all these frames on the faces of everyone else.