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Sunglasses do not only protect your eyes from the sun & eliminate glare, they also must look sufficiently cooler for you. That is why you must have at least one, and they must be good. Sunglasses are one of the best men’s fashion accessories that provide you have bought the right style. Unluckily, finding out the perfect pair, it makes you appear full of swagger & stylish, can be difficult. When it comes to style, which kind of sunglasses do you want to pick?

Your Sunglasses Need to Fit Right

Just like your tailored outfits, your designer accessories must need to be fit. This does not only give right fitting, but it also gives polished & stylish looks. While the right fit for eyewear something different to everyone, however, there are some guidelines to follow.

You need to opt for sunglasses for men where the width of the frame matches the width of your face.

You will also be able to see at least ½ half of eyebrows above the frames as well as have your eyeballs sit precisely in the middle of each lens.

Eventually, the arms should fit nicely around your ears, moreover, the overall positioning of the sunglasses must be in the center between the top of your hairline & edge of your chin.


It is one of a popular kind of styles of sunglasses. If you are looking for an iconic pair of aviators, REMO TULLIANI is one of the highly recommended online stores for eyewear & men’s fashion accessories. They are characterized by reflective lens & dark ones having an area 2 or 3 times the area of the eyeball. It comes with very thin metal frames with double or triple bridge & they took behind the ears.

Made for Every Situation

There’s another aspect of aviators is that their versatility, which makes them great to wear with any outfit. Aviator sunglasses are often manufactured with soft, earthy colors like silver, black, etc. This is always last longer wearing aviators with colored lenses that make them perfect for every situation.

Made for Everyone

More than any type of sunglasses, aviators are one of the classics for every man, woman & child, both young & old. The appeal of aviators just looks as good on the older adults as they do for teens & they never make you look & appropriate. They are unisex. There is a stunning woman who wears aviator does not look more masculine for wearing.
From super-reflective to tie-dye accents – these aviator lenses are classic chic, pure & simple. Also, it comes down finding out the right pair of eyewear for your face shape. However, it is not always an easy task, but the whole process can be made simple, check it out.








4.SMOOTH: Dark Sky/Peach/Amber


5.SMOOTH: Snuff/Sky/Amber Fade


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