Defining style does not mean a wardrobe full of clothes & fashion accessories. Also, it does not about expensive leather boots or luxurious staples. All these things are building blocks & framing. It blends of cashmere & silk, the finest grooming products in order to make you glow & hard-to-find hats or sunglasses. It all paired together & all these things make you! Men’s designer accessories are also storytellers. Honestly speaking, buy them only if you love them. Enfold your own quirks & inclinations in this realm, because individuality is the key.

Check out some essential fashion accessories as the wide range of products by REMO TULLIANI that you can wear or use to carry out things for you. Accessories change of purpose & season, but this collection oriented around for every season, and it must be a decent start. We assemble a collection that reflects you & the people around you will find out memorable.


Men’s designer accessories may be done & dusted for 2017, but it will continue to inspire for months. In particular terms, we spot three essential fashion accessories that will influence your wardrobe & polish your look. Therefore, if you want to have a stylish season, all you need to look no further for inspiration.


One of essential when it comes to accessories – sunglasses for men, although you don’t need to own a lot of pairs, then you must have at least one. Sunglasses do not only protect your eyes but give you polished look. It also makes it sufficient cooler, more than anything.

Courage: Blue/Clear Fade, $165.00

Handcrafted in Italy. It features sturdy Grilamid frames & stainless steel hinges. Courage is lightweight, sturdy & hypoallergenic. If you want to pair with shades that you can wear with anything & it would never go out of style.



Handmade in Italy. It is the modern Tulliani twist to the classic aviator style. Glass lenses are made up of 95% UV protection.



ANOKI: Black/Navy, $18.00


DAKOTA: Navy/Pink, $18.00



ANDRE: Black, $85.00

Made in USA. Italian calfskin lizard print leather. Four pieces Italian buckle that is set in polished nickel finish.


BO: Brown, $85.00

Italian leather. Contrast edge stitch. Italian buckle in antique finish. Made in USA.


All these fashion accessories are missing pieces for every season! To know more about us