An Overview

One of the most important, yet common men’s fashion accessories is socks for men is a piece of clothing. We usually pay little attention to this fashion accessory yet this is a central part of your overall comfort more than anything. Socks protect our feet from abrasion, keep away the sweating & wick away our aspiration in our shoes. However, it is a very small detail yet socks can either pull away from your outfits together or serve as an unwelcome distraction only if it is not dressed up in a right way.

In this blog, we’ll give you overlooked pieces of clothing throughout look over, and if there’s no other reason in order to ensure that when you spend your hard-earned dollars that you are buying one of the best socks according to your requirements.

Common Rules

1.Socks should match one another & not have visible stains & holes.

Right now, some of you may be thinking of this incredibly obvious thing, however, we mention that no.1 rule is for those of you who fail to understand the issues over here. Assume that keep your shoes on & never expose your mismatched or torn socks. The majority of people fail to heed this rule that is going to be an embarrassing situation when we unexpectedly need to remove shoes rather than stinking up a conversation with a potential business partner.

2.Socks should match your trousers.


A guy can’t wrong following advice as it serves to create a smooth look with necessary color contrast until the eyes meet one’s shoes. There are a lot of men who also like the rule that – your socks should match your trouser as rigidness leaves no room for confusion & interpretation.

In actual, when a man own has a real sense of his own personality, he should feel free to break this very important rule. At REMO TULLIANI, there is a wide range of patterned socks that you can choose from to accentuate your overall look.

3.Choose Knee Length or Ankle Length Socks

This rule is based on the belief in that a gentleman should not expose his bare leg not intentionally. The rule is hard to abide by as most of the manufacturers do not make socks as rising anywhere close to the knee.

4.Socks should match the level of your dress of the rest of your ensemble.

If you are going to wear black tie, then opt for quality, knee-high & lightweight sock length. It must match the level of your dress.


The material of socks includes –


Cotton one of the most common materials in socks. This fiber is inexpensive & durable comparatively other fabrics.

Wool has unmatched insulating properties & it keeps your feet warm throughout the month of winter.

Cashmere & Silk comes with luxury blend suited for dress socks. It is a blend as it looks at home when it is paired with quality dress shoes & a fine worsted wool suit. This fabric is lighter than wool as they provide similar benefits with less bulk.

Wrapping Up

Honestly speaking, socks are not the first or last item in the closet, however, socks for men are an important part of man’s clothing. High-quality of socks keep your feet nice & comfortable whether you are walking into hiking on a mountain or walking into the boardroom. All you need to understand your needs & you should work within a budget. Be prepared for whatever life throws at your feet.