A highly reputed Italian brand which is known to get the best lenses in the world. They offer a wide range of sunglasses. The best thing about the brand is that all their products promise a high sense of quality. Tulliani is a rich fashion brand with a very wide range of products at their disposal. While they also offer belts and socks, sunglasses remain their primary range. The brand offers a very high sense of style quotient and also promise for a sense of style and aesthetics which is a rarity to be found even amongst the competitors. The shatter-resistant glasses which can take care of about 95% of the UV and IR protected rays are also handmade. The wide range of the product also gets a lot of attractive shades such as Dark Sky, Jade Violent, Flamingo, Coral, Snuff, and Violet to offer.

The product range is also topped by an impeccable sense of styling. The range starts right to form an affordable price bracket of 165$. The range consists of a wide variety of framed sunglasses, square aviators, and stylized wayfarers to begin with.


The brand is a splendid display of technology and style gelled together for great effect. The multiple retro inspired ranges also make it to the package. The framed wayfarers have been presented as the flagship Tulliani glasses to make the deal look more attractive. The special handcrafted sunglasses also make use of a different inside and outside lens color.

They also offer solid Grilamid arms and strong frames to support the overall structure. The styling goes right from retro to just futurized aesthetics which is a delight for the end user. Even when it comes to the quality, you need not doubt the capability of the rich design and engineering that goes behind each pair. It both fascinates and meets the needs of the end users.

To make the post more interesting we will let you have a look at more reasons why you should go for an Italian brand like this :

# Excellent Mark Of Quality

Italian brands without a doubt have proved to be a global mark of quality around the world. The Italians began their production of goods right from the 15th century and have gained an expertise in their respective fields. And this is why you can trust an Italian brand.

# Unique Hand Made Design

One biggest plus point of buying from an Italian brand is that you will never get to see such great handmade designs. Italian brands have almost become a fashion cult statement across the world for this quality which they possess. Once a design has been made and sold, it can almost never be copied, unless it is the same brand.

# Going Exotic

One can easily go exotic and show the Italian design offs to their friends, where even American and Japanese brands will also somewhat lag behind. One can just not match up to the style quotient of that level.