Summer has come and now it’s the perfect time to pick up sunglasses for hangouts. Getting the perfect sunglasses is not so easy especially when the market is flooded with different brands and styles. It’s easy to select an accessory for women however it’s a tedious work to select it for men.

Best sunglasses for men

  • Aviators

These were initially designed for pilots, however, get its popularity after the release of a famous Hollywood movie ‘Top Gun’. Aviators come in different colors and ideal for a day lounging on a beach with friends. Early versions of aviators provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and bright sunlight. However now aviators sunglasses have changed a lot. Modern aviators are made of different materials, they are lighter and more comfortable than the original ones.

  • Rimless sunglasses

They give you a classic look and best to carry on a sunny day or for a beach. They are simple therefore worthwhile to purchase. Men’s rimless sunglasses are usually black or brown in color.

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  • Sports Sunglasses

They come in various designs, best to wear when you are doing an intense physical activity. These glasses are best for Water sports such as rafting, kayaking, water polo and so on. It’s preferred for that sports activity that requires eye protection like rock climbing and paragliding.

  • Driving Sunglasses

Generally used for protecting eyes while driving long distances. The driver gets protection from the glare and reflection of light which can harm the eye. They are made up of high-contrast lenses which increase the contrast of an image and reduce the harmful glare.

Tips for buying Sunglasses

Choose glasses that suits your face. If your face is square then aviator style frames are good for you. Choose larger frames if your facial features are defined. If your face is round then picked an angular frame because with that your face looks less round. For the oblong face, it is best to wear glasses that have round frames. Oval face people have a lot of options because every frame looks good on them.

The size of the frame should be right. If the frame is too narrow then it looks too awkward on your face. Sunglasses which are extra wide also look odd therefore it’s better to check the size.

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Every color has different effects and visibility, therefore, it’s good to match your glasses with your skin tone. They are so many colors from which you can easily select such as green, grey, and black.

In spite of blindly following celebrities, it’s better to be yourself and try what you like and feels comfortable to carry. It prefers to wear good quality sunglasses because low-quality sunglasses break and gets scratch easily. Expensive long-term investment is better than short-term low priced investment if you desire quality product.

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