Belt delivers its elegance to the one who wears it, that’s why it is considered one of the most vital accessories in men wardrobe. They are not used merely to hold trousers, but they define one’s personality. A perfect leather belt intensifies your attire, they come in different colors and styles. There are numerous varieties of belts available in the market such as Italian leather belts for men, handcrafted, auto lock and funky looking leather belts. But it’s preferable to select a trusted brand for a good quality leather belt.

How to select right leather belt?

Before heading to store, better to get some information from internet which helps you in selecting the right product. Several tips are available online which no one will reveal. So it’s better to search online, moreover, if you are purchasing belt only for the sake of adding it to your collection then you are just wasting your bucks, always keep in mind that your belt defines you. Colors always attract people but don’t choose such colors which look too odd for an occasion. It’s good to experiment but it should match your style and personality.


After purchasing the right belt the next thing that comes to the mind is its maintenance. Check out some tips below for easy aftercare:

Right size

Selecting right size is not so difficult you need to just pick your regular used belt and measure the distance between the hole where you usually prefer for holding your pants and the end of the buckle. Belt whose length is two inches more than your waist is preferred.

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Belts lose their shine with dirt and moisture, to improve its strength and looks, apply special commercial products or household products such as coconut oil, vaseline etc on it and leave to dry for some hours, this helps in retaining texture and improves strength.

Store Rightly:

Allot a separate place for your belt in the wardrobe where you can hang them at a full length. This ultimately enhances its life and keep it in a perfect shape.


Use a soft-bristled brush or a shoe brush to clean if your belt is looking untidy. Though branded belts are coated with water repellent conditioner, it’s good to avoid water because unnecessary water destroys the texture and quality of the belt.

The leather is durable due to which belts manufacturers all around the world use it so widely. There are vast varieties and styles of leather belts which come with unique patterns and designs. A belt that lasts long and adds up to your personality is a perfect pick for any occasion.

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