Socks are an important men accessory, however, several years back socks are generally disregarded. If you buy socks randomly and neglecting the color pattern and texture of the socks then you are ruining your personality. If you have only white, black and gray socks in your wardrobe then now it’s the perfect time to update your socks collection.

Choice of socks

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  • If you are an athlete or sports person then lower cut socks are good for you. Such socks are incorporated which such fabric that can absorb wetness and keep your feet moisture free.

  • For office goers, knee-length socks are preferable unlike ankle length they offer more comfort and your flesh is not visible to others when you are sitting in your office.

  • Ankle length has a wide range of colors and pattern. They are not short like lower cut nor they are long, their length is midway between both knee length and lower cut.

  • Its important to select perfect size, the heels of the socks must be exactly fit in your heels. However, if you can’t find the right size then its better to buy a smaller size than larger.

  • Matching your socks with your outfit is not so difficult however most people do it wrong by matching socks with shoes. It’s preferable to match it with pants because shoes and pants will look different with it and grab your attention. Buy socks for men which help magnify your attire.

  • Colored and pattern socks define personality and highlight the outfit. Neutral socks are good for a formal occasion however colored pattern is best for parties, hangouts, and informal occasions.

    Check out socks from Remo Tulliani

    ANOKI: Taupe / Royal

    • Heather taupe color

    • Sky blue Tip color

    • Royal blue heel and Toe color

    • Large color block pattern

    • Made in USA

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     ANOKI: Black / Brown

    • Larger color block

    • Brown Marl accent color

    • Brown heel and Toe color

    • Brown Marl Tip color

    • Black body

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    APACHE: Navy

    • Small color block

    • Navy body color

    • Sky blue heel and Toe color

    • Accent color: Royal, charcoal, Cardinal white, and sky blue

    • Fit foot size- 8:18

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    Dakota: Black / Cardinal

    • Pindot pattern

    • Black body color

    • Cardinal accent and Tip color

    • Black heel and Toe color

    • Made in USA

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    Felice: Brown

    • Argyle pattern

    • Brown body color

    • Taupe Tip color

    • Black heel and Toe color

    • Accent color: Taupe, black and white

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